Thom Peace

Thom Peace

International Experience 
Thom Peace is from Washington D.C., USA and has lived in Los Angeles, California; Hampton, Virginia; and Hiratsuka and Tokyo, Japan. He has traveled to France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Mexico, South Korean and Thailand. His native tongue is English, he speaks conversational Japanese and has studied French, Korean and Chinese.

Thom has a B.A. from The American University in International Studies. In university, he focused on Business Administration, Political Science and International Communications. 

Career Background
Thom has worked as a teacher of English and technology and a Work/Study Program Director. 

Current Interests
Thom is interested in music, movies, dramas, travel, investment and games.

“Visualize-Dream, Strategize-Plan, Actualize-Do” 

Specializing In:
English, IT, Interviews

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