Starting Off
• First of all let me thank you for coming.
• First of all let me thank you for your time.
• May I begin by saying that …

Summarizing the Main Points for Discussion
• We are here to solve an important problem.
• I’m sure you understand that we would like to …
• I’d just like to discuss the details of our offer.
• To summarize, today we’d like to discuss…

Understanding Each Other’s Positions
• I wondered if you could tell us more about …
• If I understand the position correctly …
• As we see it, this is the position at the moment …
• Could you tell us …?
• How do you see our objective?
• …and then there is also the question of …

Prioritizing Discussions
• Before we go on, could we agree on procedure?
• We should perhaps discuss the best way to proceed.
• I’d like to come to that later, but first I’d to….
• I’m happy to discuss that later, but before that could we…?
• Perhaps we can leave this till later?
• I think we’ll come back to this point a little later in our discussions.
• It may be better to leave this aspect aside for the time being.
• Let’s leave this side of the discussion till later.

Saying How Much Time You Have
• Personally I have two hours (available).
• Will one hour be enough for you?
• If we say one hour, will it be alright?

Concluding the First Stage
• I am very keen to find a solution but I have already made an important concession.
• I’m sure we can reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both sides.
• I feel sure that you share our desire to find a solution / compromise to this problem.

Taking a Break
• May I suggest we have a break at about 4 pm?
• Shall we take a break now for lunch?
• Shall we continue our discussions after lunch?
• I suggest we arrange another time to meet so we can continue our discussions.
• Why don’t we have a short break now and continue later?

Exploring possibilities
• I would like to explore a number of options with you
• I think there are a number of possibilities
• I hope we can find some common ground

Probing and Clarifying Each Other’s Position
• Could you tell us more about…
• Could you give us some more details about …?
• How would you feel if I suggested..?
• Wouldn’t it be possible to…?
• Can you suggest a compromise?
• Can you clarify your position?
• Why do you especially want…?
• Does this mean…?
• Have you got an example of this?
• Could I ask how you got the information?
• Are you sure?
• I can’t see how your position ties up with…
• Before we discuss this point I’d like to be sure about your position on…
• Can I just check a point you made earlier?
• Are you sure that that is the only way?
• I am sure that you could … instead
• An alternative would be to…
• Wouldn’t it be possible for you to…?
• I take it that you have no objection to my checking your information?
• Can I just summarize our positions as I see them?
• Isn’t your present supplier…?
• How does our offer / quote / bid compare with the others you’ve received?

Stating your Position
• I’m under the impression that…
• It seems to me that…
• I could be mistaken, but I think that…

Making an Offer
• What about if we…
• How would you feel about…?
• What is your opinion on…?

Rejecting and Offer
• I’m not sure that’s possible at this point.
• That’s really not an option.
• I’m afraid that’s out of the question.

Offering a Compromise
• I can meet you halfway if we…
• I’d agree to that if you’d agree to…
• That could be possible if you…

Accepting an Offer
• Yes, it’s a deal.
• Yes, I think I can accept those terms.
• Yes, I think I could do that.

• I’d like to confirm some points before our next meeting.
• Before we continue, can I just confirm that I understand you?

• May I clarify a few things?
• I’d like to clarify one or two things.

• Can I just confirm this? You want to change the delivery date.
• Are you saying that this machine is better?
• Do you mean that you can’t supply the components?

When you Don’t Understand
• I’m sorry. I don’t understand.
• I’m sorry. Could you explain that?
• I’m sorry. I don’t understand why you added these charges.
• I’m sorry. Could you explain why you can’t provide these reference manuals?

Asking about Possible Future Solutions
• What if the supplier can’t meet the deadline?
• Suppose that there’s a change in the exchange rate.

Making Really Sure
• May I get this quite clear? You’re saying that you won’t give us any further discounts on bulk orders.
• Let me confirm this one more time.

When you Think the Other Person Doesn’t Understand
• Perhaps I didn’t explain it clearly.
• Let me try to explain again.

Confirming the Terms and Conditions
• Let me see if I have this right…
• Correct me if I’m wrong but…
• Is that correct?
• I’d like to go over it once more…
• The way I see it, we need to…
• Let me just confirm if I’ve understood this…
• Let’s confirm the terms then.
• I’d just like to confirm everything.

• Could you clarify if you’d be willing to…?
• There are some things I’d like to clarify…
• Before we talk about that, could we discuss/clarify…?
• Before we go into that, I’d like to discuss/clarify…
• Would that be all right with you?
• Would that be acceptable to you?
• Would you be willing to agree to that?
• Are you saying that…?
• Do you mean that…?
• Could you please run through that once more?
• Don’t you mean…?

• I’m sorry, but I believe we said that…
• I don’t think that’s entirely correct…
• If I remember right, didn’t we agree to…?
• That’s not the way I saw it, actually.
• I don’t think we agreed to that.
• That’s not quite right.
• That’s not quite what you said before.

Postponing a Decision
• Let’s talk about this a little later.
• This may not be the right time to discuss that.
• Why don’t we come back to this point later?
• That’s a great point and we should discuss it eventually. However, at this time…
• I’d like to go away and think about it before making a decision.
• Let me discuss this with my colleagues first.
• I need a bit more time to think about it.

Accepting an Offer
• This seems acceptable to us.
• Considering all the options, we would be happy to accept your offer.
• In spite of the difficulties, we think this could work.
• I think we can definitely come to an agreement.
• We have an agreement.
• Let’s shake on it.
• I think we’ve reached a suitable compromise.

Rejecting an Offer
• We have looked at all the possibilities, but there doesn’t seem to be any way in which we can accommodate your requests.
• We have thought about it carefully, and I’m afraid we’ll have to decline the offer at this time.
• Thank you for being open with us and please accept our apologies for not being able to do business with you at this time.
• We are forced to decline the offer at this time. We appreciate your goodwill and hope to work with you in the future.
• I’m afraid we’re unable to accept the terms of the agreement.

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