Business English (Thom Peace)

 English for Business Communication

In our lessons, you can:

★ Improve practical communication skills (Presentations, Meetings, Negotiations, Small Talk, Introductions, Appointments, Email & Telephoning, Customer Service, Hospitality & Sales, Interviews, Resumes, Cover Letters & Essays and more..)

★ Enhance ability to discuss Business topics (Leadership, Management, Marketing, Strategy, and more..)

Business English
Workplace, Management & Career
1 Private Lesson

25 Minutes 45 Minutes
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Business Communication & Culture

• How to negotiate with an American business
• Common idioms used in business
• How to make small talk
• Write appropriate openings and closings to emails and business letters
• Organize emails logically and clearly
• Use appropriate formality, written small talk, and more
• Master appropriate politeness strategies

Gain comfort and confidence by speaking English in both professional
and more casual settings with fluency and accuracy. Develop your listening comprehension, improve your self-confidence, cultural knowledge
and idiomatic usage to perform in meetings, negotiations and at the
pub. Master Business style. Write and develop business
documents that are natural sounding, sophisticated, and professional.
Lesson activities include discussions, role-playing and more.

Presentation and Public Speaking

• Powerful and dynamic openings and closings
• Clear, on-point and interesting presentations
• Creative, engaging and useful visual materials
• Respond to questions you know and don’t know the answer to

Deliver convincing and compelling presentations, pitches and public addresses in English. This course will boost your skill and confidence through working on correct language, style and body language. You will
also learn how to isolate your key messages and to present
them in an interesting and convincing way using tried and tested tactics and visuals to ensure business success.

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

Master and correct:
• English rhythm and pitch for natural-sounding speech
• Individual word stress and intonation
• English problematic sounds that block listener comprehension
• Reduced sounds and blended words
• Presentation and emphasis to deliver compelling speech

Speaking with clarity and persuasiveness using correct rhythm and stress
is critical to success as an international business professional. How you deliver your message is important! Ensure it is understood by working on and improving your pronunciation and delivery to eliminate interference from your native language accent.

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